Lavender Graduation Cord Request

What are Lavender Graduation Cords? Purple and lavender have long been symbols of the LGBTQIA+ community. The purple stripe on the Pride flag represents spirit. Lavender is a color that celebrates survival, strength, and hope.

Graduating IUP Student Information: Directions: If you would like your own cord, return the completed request to:

Tedd Cogar, Associate Director, Student Conduct & LGBTQIA Support                 

724-357-1264 ( or visit G11 Ruddock Hall, 1099 Maple Street.

Graduation Semester:
Name as you wish it to be printed on your certificate (First, Middle, Last):
Preferred Name:
Preferred Pronouns:
Banner ID#:
Legal Name:
Major (degree):
What are your departing comments to the community?:
After graduation plans (indicate if you already have a job?)
Do you plan on attending graduate school?
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After graduation address:
If applicable, list organization and other things you have been involved in:
Favorite IUP Memory: